Friday, 7 October 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Recently I treated myself to some Charlotte Tilbury goodies, two of which were these gorgeous lipsticks. The two shades I went for were 'Bitch Perfect' and 'Miranda May'. I've never tried her lipsticks before so being a complete lipstick fanatic and a lover of all things Tilbury, I was SO excited to try these. Just like with all of her products, her packaging is always spot on. I mean how stunning do they look!? The rose gold finish is so beautiful and makes you want to have them on display rather than shoved in your make up bag. I love how passionate Charlotte Tilbury is over her range of products, she takes so much care into making sure every aspect is exactly as she wants them.

Bitch Perfect

The first colour, 'Bitch Perfect', is from her K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick collection. This range of lipsticks claim to glide over the lips effortlessly and leave a luminous finish. The shade 'Bitch Perfect' is what I'd call a gorgeous pinky nude. Usually I struggle with finding nude shades that suit me but I'm pretty sure this colour would suit most people as it's not too pink but not completely nude either. The texture and application is good, although sometimes I do find it isn't very forgiving on any dry patches I have. I would love to try more colours from this range and see how they compare. This is such a pretty colour and I love the subtle sheen it leaves on the lips, I think I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this shade.

Miranda May

The second colour I purchased is 'Miranda May' from Charlotte's Hot Lips collection which consists of 16 lipsticks inspired by influential celebrity women. This particular shade has been created in collaboration with Miranda Kerr and I'd say it is a perfect match for Miranda's signature fresh make up look. It is a gorgeous coral pink colour which looks stunning on the lips. If you're after a bright lipstick but don't want anything too bright then this is perfect as it gives just the right amount of colour without being too much. Unlike 'Bitch Perfect', this lipstick is in her matte formula which I must say I love even more. Firstly, I love the precision angled tip that these lipsticks have, it makes them so easy to apply. And secondly, I love love love the formula of these. For a matte lipstick they are so so creamy and feel really velvety on the lips whilst still looking matte. I can't wait to try more from this Hot Lips collection - I love the look of all of them!

Out of the two ranges I would definitely be more inclined to repurchase lipsticks in the matte formula as I just love the texture and finish these give. But overall I'm so happy with both of these I love love love them!

Do you have any Charlotte Tilbury product recommendations? 

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  1. These just look so gorgeous, perfect shades! So glad I came across your blog today, you seem so lovely and are really talented at what you do.. keep up the good work pretty lady! x

    1. Thank you so much that's so lovely of you to say! Means a lot, especially as I'm new to this! Loving your blog too! x

  2. I am still yet to try Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks but I would definitely love to purchase some soon. Not only is the packaging gorgeous but i've heard so many great things about the formulation. Your blog is great, loving it so far! Holly x

    1. They are gorgeous, such great shades too! Thank you so much, your blog is great! :) x


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